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LOTR polls on

Looking back over these polls is oddly fascinating. They go waaaay back to 1999, when the movies were still being made, and the fans were living off little rumor-crumbs. Makes our current existence look positively luxurious. Sure, I want to see TTT right freakin now, but at least I have a FOTR DVD.

Also, it sends me into convulsive snickers every time I think of the fact that fully 20% of fans voted for Tom Bombadil as the "biggest raving lunatic" in Middle-Earth (beating out Saruman, Sauron, and Wormtongue; but not quite as loony as Denethor and Gollum). I'm glad I'm not the only one who found Mr. Bombadil to be a serious wacko.

And almost one year ago, the poll-takers accurately predicted that, of all the actors, Orlando Bloom would be the biggest "teen heart-throb" once the movies came out. "Duh," one might say. I always knew Tolkien readers were smart. Guess we now know they're not blind, either.

(Though, actually, I might have imagined that Elijah Wood's fame [not to mention big blue eyes] would give Orlando a run for his money...)
Tags: fandom, funny, linkage, lord of the rings, movies

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