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Strange & Norrell

[Edit: last entry was getting into "debate" territory, and really I had hoped not to do that. So, I'm taking my usual route of cowardice and marking it "private." Sorry for any stepped-upon toes or offended sensibilities, either in the original post and its comments or in the removing thereof--and if I get complaints for both posting it and for removing it then I shall be forced to trot out the "damned if I do, damned if I don't" observation. Feel free, however, to get on my case for using strong language like "damned."]

Forgot to mention: I finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell yesterday, and am much impressed with Ms. Clarke's achievements. Found the ending appropriately poignant yet upbeat; and very few writers can use footnotes to such fine effect as she has throughout--to name just a couple great things about this book.

Have already started casting the story in my mind, for the 8-hour miniseries I hope someone makes someday. So far I picture Ian Holm as Mr. Norrell, Alan Cumming as Drawlight, and Jude Law (with a wig, naturally) as the gentleman with the thistle-down hair. Haven't decided on Strange yet, nor Stephen Black, nor the women.

Anyway, I changed my LJ "real name" in honor of Strange & Norrell, since the Latin name for a passionflower had been there for so long and was getting tedious. My new selection comes from this passage:

Drawlight had the strangest feeling. It was something he had felt before when magic was about to happen. Invisible doors seemed to be opening all around him; winds blew on him from far away, bringing scents of woods, moors and bogs. Images flew unbidden into his mind. The houses around him were no longer empty. He could see inside them as if the walls had been removed. Each dark room contained—-not a person exactly—-a Being, an Ancient Spirit. One contained a Fire; another a Stone; yet another a Shower of Rain; yet another a Flock of Birds; yet another a Hillside; yet another a Small Creature with Dark and Fiery Thoughts; and on and on.

I am, of course, the lastly-named creature. But you knew that.
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