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I like your sleeves.

Here's a good article about the huge success of the tiny film 'Napoleon Dynamite,' which I must admit has lingered in my mind, and Steve's, for much longer than we expected, prompting us to say stuff in deadpan geeky voices to each other every so often. (e.g., "Bred for its skills and magic.") An excerpt to take to heart, from the end of that review:

Made under the Mormon moral code at Brigham Young, it does not have any swearing — unless you count "freaking" — and does not portray sex, alcohol consumption or drug use.

"The biggest-grossing films of all time have always been PG films," Ruell [the screenwriter/actor who played 'Kip'] said. "If people craft intelligent, entertaining movies that as a parent you can take your children to, and the whole family will be entertained, I know I'll go see it."

This makes me feel better for often writing stories that never get above the PG-13 level, despite the pressure out there to be as shocking as possible. However, it is not helping my fits of anxiety lately regarding Summer Term, in the works for publication as an e-novel, which will probably merit an R rating on language alone, and has a couple sex scenes as well (not quite NC-17, but sex scenes all the same). I wrote that one to try something completely different from the understated moody ghost story I had written before it, and because I had the romance-reader in mind as an audience; but still... Voice inside my head: "I'm awful. I'm gross. I'm a perv. I'm unethical. I'm a terrible person. I have no excuse to be putting this out there."

Granted, I've had serious doubts about every single thing I've ever written, so this is fairly normal. Let's just say I'm looking forward to my Young Adult phase of authorial existence, when things should and will stay around PG-13, and I don't have to have conscience fits. (Only I will anyway.)

Soooo, in other great was that Lost episode the other night? Bad-ass protective Charlie! Yum.

Seeing Interpol tonight. Seldom go to concerts anymore (because I'm lazy and they're so loud), but thought we should try for one, once in a while. Am accordingly wearing more eyeliner than usual. I don't know why I told you that.
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