Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Lost, "In Translation" (heh, that's cute)

Aaaaand Shannon busts out the first bondage joke of the season. This episode was full of wondrous twists and surprises, leaving me loving this show more than ever, but the Saturday-night-rope come-on line made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Yes, Sayid/Shannon is a somewhat wrong pairing, but they're actually making it work; more power to 'em. Who would guess, Sayid and Shannon supplying not only the season's first bondage joke, but the season's first romantic on-island kiss? (You'll forgive me if I don't quite count the dare-you-to-kiss-my-bloodied-lip Kate/Sawyer thing as "romantic." Though, now that I mention it, THAT episode probably contained the season's first bondage joke.)

The Sun-and-Jin backstory was great. V. touching when he revisited his poor old gentle dad. And I was tempted to make an icon of Sun on the beach, in her Western Freedom Whore bikini, but figured everyone else was going to be sporting those icons tomorrow. Plus, I'm lazy, so I just snagged a Sayid one from somewhere on losticons. [EDIT: I made one anyway! I bet everyone else's won't say "Western Freedom Whore," even if they do use the same base.]

I totally did not see the Walt As Firebug thing coming! Yet another great twist. Question is, did he set the boat on fire via conventional means, or via his ~~eerie telekinetic powers~~?

And the final moment, with the music skipping and dying, and Hurley muttering, "Son of a bitch"--that just cemented my adoration for this show. I fall for the cute-'n'-absurd every time.

Go team!

P.S. Also made this, on a lark...
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