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Weekend update

Today's list will be in Roman numerals.

I. I spent hours figuring out how to make animated GIFs, and all I got was this lousy icon. I'm impressed at how much time you kids must put into your icon-making, if my attempts are any indication. All the same, some lazy day this skill will probably lead to some retrospective LOTR fandom icons that the world totally doesn't need.

II. Beautiful weather here this weekend. Bees buzzed in the blooming tree featured last entry. We opened doors and windows to the fresh air. I put clippings and seeds into little pots, and planted daffodils hither and yon. (And some heather, hither, too.) I'm pretty sure the two trees behind the shed are lilacs, which would be super, as lilacs are not only classy and lovely, but they prefer to be left alone. I like that in plants.

III. New sample of perfume that I'm loving: First, by Van Cleef & Arpels. Costs approx. $2.5 million per oz., unfortunately. This, combined with the way it evaporates to almost nothing on my skin within 2 hours, suggests it cannot become a habit of mine. But I'll play with the sample bottle while it lasts. In the way Chanel No. 5 is a Marilyn Monroe type of scent, First is a Grace Kelly type of scent. Elegance for the English country house rather than the swanky hotels of NYC. (Don't get me wrong; I love Chanel too.)

IV. Need a laugh? Watch this guy:
It's clean, don't worry. But it's very silly, and makes use of your speakers, so keep that in mind if watching from work, or the reading room of the library.

V. According to the definitions at, I most likely do not write romance novels and never have. Thank God. I have written chick lit, no question; and women's fiction; and some subgenres of horror, by their categories (since that's where they put "supernatural folklore"); and love is always a huge deal in my stories. But my lifelong disinclination to read romance novels does suggest that I have never really written a proper one; for a love story, as we all know, is not necessarily a "romance". Young adult is my latest genre, in any case; and that ain't on their list. Heard recently that the YA category was invented as a place to stash sci-fi and fantasy, since no one was sure whether it was for adults or kids or what exactly, in the early decades. Interesting.
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