Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Obligatory "Lost" post

A few remarks on "Lost" last night... (yes, there are SPOILERS below, and no, I will not cut-tag it! Hah!)

- Oh man, they're giving Sawyer nerdy glasses. It's like they want me to develop an out-of-control crush on him. Also, I love how they tweak stereotypes just a little for all the characters. Sure, Sawyer's the Southern-criminal-jerk, but he's also the only one on the island who's constantly got his nose in a book. I feel sorry for him in advance, for when the books run out--because, really, they've got to be in short supply on that island.

- The Plane Of Drugs: I'm sorry, but did anyone else instantly think, "Heroin? Boy, they better keep Charlie away from that stash." It's so obvious, I really hope it doesn't become a plot point later on.

- I did laugh at Jack's rude irrelevant questions to Sawyer, but really, they were rude. Very transparent ploy, Jack: "See, Kate, you don't wanna sleep with him. He's had outbreaks." Writers apparently are still trying to cultivate Jack/Kate chemistry, which is still not quite working for me. Though when Jack said, "I didn't do it for him," I heard the subtext loud and clear: " choose between us already, bitch."

- Have to say, I won't be totally heartbroken if Boone is the one to get killed off. Will make for good drama, and better him than Sawyer, Locke, Sayid, Claire, Charlie, Hurley, or the rest of the main crew. (Actually, I wouldn't be totally heartbroken if it were Jack or Kate, but we know the writers won't kill them off.)

- No words need be said about the wonderfulness of Locke. His vulnerability only makes him that much more awesome.

- The light at the end...OK, lest we doubted it, this is definitely an island with weirdness of X-Files proportions.

Next week...island turns E.R.! Woohoo!
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