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Tame 'n lame fangirl fantasies

On the fangirl side of things, I had an amusing little exchange recently with another LJ lass on an old entry in the mollyringwraith journal. I'll paste the relevant comments for you here:

air_and_angels: When I moved to England for a year I fantasised that I would somehow meet [Orlando Bloom] there, since I'd never somehow met him when he was in New Zealand. Not that Orlando Bloom was tremendously likely to ride a morning bus in Cambridge and sit down next to me and ask me what's on my Discman, but, you know. A girl dreams.

mollyringwraith: Dude...I've daydreamed about conversations like that so many times. Only with me, I used to imagine finding myself sitting beside Elijah Wood at an airport, and exchanging iPods to compliment each other on our tunes. :D Yeah, it hasn't happened yet...

air_and_angels: My daydream was before iPods. Now I daydream that I meet Billy Boyd at someone's beach house party in Piha, and I make him laugh or he makes me laugh or both, and we go up the road to get fish and chips for everyone and have a good chat and decide we really like each other.

mollyringwraith: LOL - Yep, I've daydreamed stuff along those lines too. (Celebrity and location may vary.) I'm glad I'm not the only one with G-rated fangirl fantasies.

...Because in truth, I would not cheat on my husband with anyone, not even Jude, Orlando, Elijah, or Ewan. But it would still be cool to meet them in a normal setting and get to have an actual conversation. What are your mundane celebrity daydreams? Grocery shopping with Hugh Jackman? Standing in the long pre-Christmas post office lines with Heath Ledger? Helping Johnny Depp finish a crossword puzzle at the local cafe?



Apr. 24th, 2005 10:18 am (UTC)
Showing Elijah a thing or two on the piano, since I read somewhere he bought one for himself. My fantasies about actually meeting folk like Elwood are never explicit, either; I don't know if I just feel uncomfortable with that or if I lack imagination, but to me, fantasizing about actual people in compromising positions seems...degrading to them? Maybe just disrespectful. I can't get my little brain to forget, even for the length of a fantasy, that these are REAL people out there, just like me and everyone else--trying to get on with their lives as best as they can. *shrug* But yes--did a couple stints of piano teaching a while back, and would love to help him out. ;)
Apr. 25th, 2005 08:53 am (UTC)
Aww, that's a nice one. You could help me out too, since I never had formal piano lessons and probably picked up bad habits in teaching myself. (Though I don't have a piano of my own yet...)

I agree on the explicit fantasies feeling somewhat wrong. Guess neither of us will become big names in the world of Real Person fanfic; heh. Mind you, my actual sleep-dreams sometimes have no problem being explicit, but hey, dreams are weird. :)