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Tame 'n lame fangirl fantasies

On the fangirl side of things, I had an amusing little exchange recently with another LJ lass on an old entry in the mollyringwraith journal. I'll paste the relevant comments for you here:

air_and_angels: When I moved to England for a year I fantasised that I would somehow meet [Orlando Bloom] there, since I'd never somehow met him when he was in New Zealand. Not that Orlando Bloom was tremendously likely to ride a morning bus in Cambridge and sit down next to me and ask me what's on my Discman, but, you know. A girl dreams.

mollyringwraith: Dude...I've daydreamed about conversations like that so many times. Only with me, I used to imagine finding myself sitting beside Elijah Wood at an airport, and exchanging iPods to compliment each other on our tunes. :D Yeah, it hasn't happened yet...

air_and_angels: My daydream was before iPods. Now I daydream that I meet Billy Boyd at someone's beach house party in Piha, and I make him laugh or he makes me laugh or both, and we go up the road to get fish and chips for everyone and have a good chat and decide we really like each other.

mollyringwraith: LOL - Yep, I've daydreamed stuff along those lines too. (Celebrity and location may vary.) I'm glad I'm not the only one with G-rated fangirl fantasies.

...Because in truth, I would not cheat on my husband with anyone, not even Jude, Orlando, Elijah, or Ewan. But it would still be cool to meet them in a normal setting and get to have an actual conversation. What are your mundane celebrity daydreams? Grocery shopping with Hugh Jackman? Standing in the long pre-Christmas post office lines with Heath Ledger? Helping Johnny Depp finish a crossword puzzle at the local cafe?



Apr. 25th, 2005 03:01 am (UTC)
Hmmm. I don't indulge too often in G-rated fantasies during waking hours, but my sleeping celebrity dreams tend to be just as entertaining because they are both G-rated and WEIRD. For example, I once dreamed that Nigel Bennett and I were strolling down a busy road to a local Baptist church in order to audition for an opera. To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Bennett is not an opera enthusiast, let alone a participant; goodness knows I'm not. :D

Then, once we got to the church, they were holding not only opera auditions, but also some sort of bizarre RenFest, complete with people in costume and barnyard animals wandering around... nothing like a bleating goat to inspire you to your peak rendition of "The Magic Flute" aria, is there?

Given this example of what weirdness lives in my head, I'm not sure if I could even *manage* a normal interaction, were I to meet a celebrity. I can see it now: "What a pleasure to meet you! I dreamed about you just last night, and you were singing "Toreador" while fighting off a hungry llama..."
Apr. 25th, 2005 08:55 am (UTC)
OK, well, yeah...we probably shouldn't actually tell the famous people about our strange dreams/daydreams. Especially when llamas are involved. Never want to induce the "back away slowly and slap restraining order on fan" reaction. :)