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Crazy tree lovers. I demand a recount.

Hmm. I smell sabotage by the Middle-earth tree-huggers. On the "favorite love story of LOTR" poll I posted, the "Ents and the Entwives" option is currently way ahead. A little bit too far ahead. To be specific, a few days ago it jumped from 17 votes to 34 in a matter of minutes. And today it jumped from 34 to 51. Meanwhile, the other options hardly moved--and, come on, how much space did the Ent love story really get compared to the others?

Granted, I'm glad Aragorn/Arwen got edged out (how boring), but now I'm wondering if someone was trying to keep Frodo/Sam from winning (which it looked poised to do). Oh well. The slashy duo coulda been a contender. Knew I shouldn't have allowed more than one vote per person. Next time I shall have to be more democratic and less Democratic. (heehee)

In other news, it is still too frickin' hot. It's OCTOBER and it's 93 degrees outside; and clear skies, of course. Always clear. ARGH. Not a drop of rain since June. June, mind you.

And I'm stressed due to this being the early part of the term (at the university, don'tcha know). I'm a T.A., and actually I'm wondering what the odds are of any of my students being LiveJournal users? To be on the safe side, I won't say stuff here about them, or about my professors. Sorry to deprive you of that juicy gossip.

That was sufficiently random. OK, over and out.
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