Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Memos, and housework

I feel obliged to tell you that I was wrong. Ants do like bananas. (And may I add: "yuck.")

Also, I should officially mention here that my other LJ, mollyringwraith, is now my fandom journal. It used to be my LOTR-only journal, but since the news and obsession with LOTR is dwindling from a mighty cataract to a manageable trickle, I have thrown the doors open to all my other entertainment interests. So, go there for film/book/music discussions from now on. Or at least until I say, "Screw this; we're collapsing the journals back into one."

Discovered this weekend that the DH and I (oh how trendy! I used "DH"!) are safety-conscious dorks. We each tried, about five times, to climb from the top of the ladder onto the roof of our house, for the purpose of taking down the chimney. We each failed, every time. Technically we each managed to get a knee on the roof, and then said, "No #$&*^@ way," and got back onto the ladder. Too steep, no toeholds, nothing to catch you at the edge if you slide, no ropes, no nets, no hooks, no harnesses, no railings, no scaffolding--dude, I work for a construction company, and I see the Safety memos, and I know the kind of risk inherent in falls. This was not safe. We've both gotten on roofs before, but in this case our instincts were flashing red alerts, and I think we were wise to obey them. So now we face the fun task of finding and paying someone else to get on the roof and take down the chimney. Yay.

But we did start bashing apart the bricks around the wood stove inside the house, which is going away to make way for a new furnace. I hear in some houses people can actually hit a button and turn on the heat. Imagine what that would be like! We will know, in a few weeks. Provided we don't fall off the roof.

The plus side: we'll end up with hundreds of red bricks for use in landscaping. That beats grass any day.
Tags: housework

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