Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Calling all Englishfolk (and any casual readers)

I'm having the feeling nobody's going to want to do this, but I'll give it a go anyway...

I have just set up lemonlyelit for the purpose of fixing up the latest ditzy novel I have written, with your (read: anyone's) help as editors and feedback-givers. No obligation on anyone's part to join, but here are the details:

Story in question: Relatively Honest, a young-adult dark comedy/romance. Roughly 63,000 words. Logline: Daniel Revelstoke, 18-year-old womanizer from London, begins studies at University of Oregon, and finds himself captivated by one Julie French, classmate. So what if she has a boyfriend?--that bloke's a wanker. So what if he uncovers another terribly serious reason they can't be together? He wants her anyway, and he's accustomed to getting who he wants; so all he has to do is keep her from finding out his little secret. Surely no trouble will come of that strategy...

Why I need Londoners, or people who live with them, to read along: It's written in first person from Daniel's point of view. Linguistic fanatic though I am, I will never have all the verbal instincts of an actual born Londoner. I think I caught all the "color/colour," "chips/crisps," "center/centre," and "gotten/got" type of trip-ups, but I'm sure there are other syntax constructions and slang lurking in my text that would scream "American!" to any genuine English person. So, if you could tell me about those, that would be greaaaat.

But can others join, just to read, just for fun?: Absolutely. Feedback is loved and adored, of course, but I'm happy just to score readers at all, even if they only lurk. You get the benefit of reading a novel free of charge; and the drawback of the novel being a rough draft. (But hey, maybe someday it'll be published, and you would have to pay for it, so if you get in on the ground floor now, you'll save a few dollars down the line. And chocolate-covered digestive biscuits might rain down from the sky, too.)

How it will work: Friend lemonlyelit. I'll post, say, three chapters at a time, every few days. First three will be open to all readers; after that, to assuage my paranoia, they'll be friends-locked, so it will be a "comment if you want in" deal. I'll add pretty much everyone. (Obvious trolls/sockpuppets excepted.)

Anything else I forgot?: Let me know, and I'll answer.

*feeling dorky*
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