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*shakes fist, somewhat fondly, at LJ*
These "tags" we can now apply to entries: oh, how they appeal to my librarianistic sense of order. But, oh, how much work it's going to be to go back and tag all my entries. I've gone back to April of this year so far. We're going to have to do this in small chunks. Though when I get back into my all-LOTR-all-the-time phase, circa 2002-2003, I guess the tagging is going to be kind of easy. "LOTR...LOTR...LOTR...LOTR..."

Anyway, this entry is tagged "fragrance," so on with it:
My hypersensitive nose lately has been dissatisfied with quite a lot of scents, natural or manufactured. Most perfumes smell too fake to me these days, though I'm sure I'll get over it. Vanilla is just about making me gag. I'm liking ice cream (chocolate) because it's frozen, and frozen things don't smell. Oddly, though, I'm also liking tuna, which does decidedly smell strong. (Yes yes, I know; mercury levels; be careful.) But there remain a few things I like the smell of:
- The pages of a thick paperback
- The flowers in bloom out there
- The fresh air, most notably:
- Puget Sound saltwater on a summer morning

That saltwater smell is rich in the air, here in Seattle, this morning. I actually said, "Oh, God, yes," when I walked out on our rooftop here at work to sniff the breeze. (And we're at least 10 blocks from the water, and can't even see it due to landscape features like lower Queen Anne Hill.) I could smell it in the car, through the air ducts, with the windows rolled up, as I drove in on the Alaskan Way Viaduct. With all our digital technology, I could have taken a picture for you of how the water looked this morning, but I still can't capture that smell and send it to you. But I wish I could. It would improve everyone's day.

Yeah, back to work.
Tags: fragrance

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