Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Wash out your mouth

I just got this email from my little sister, who does admin work at a company that paints streets and curbs and things. It was too funny not to share with you:

I was trying to explain to many of you, individually, how the swearing
happens so casually and amusingly at my place of employment. Well. One guy
was talking about The Time His Fuel Pump Died Outside Of Prineville.
Normally, this wouldn't be an extraordinarily great story, but there was
*so much* swearing, I was cracking up- cuz it was so pointless! So I
jotted down my favorite sentence:

"So, I was driving back in the pitch-ass dark from f@#king dumbf@&k nowhere,
when all of a sudden there's this god-ass bitch bad smelling smoke coming
from the god@*&m f*%king engine!"

Naturally, as a linguist, I find this fascinating, for in lexical and syntactic choice it reflects both sociolinguistic and pragmatic...oh, who am I kidding? I just find it hilarious.

I was disposed to be in a good mood anyway, since this morning I signed a publishing contract, and that always feels good. It's for the electronic distribution rights to SUMMER TERM, one you've technically already heard about, and yes, that WAS seven months ago. Publishing, even electronic publishing, is a slow process. In fact, I think in the official list of slow things, it's placed thusly:

The 3-toed sloth
Slugs and snails
The Pony Express
A 14.4k modem
Paint drying
Tags: funny, linguistics, writing

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