Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Chanel, Mars, and Maui. Mmmm.

More unrelated tidbits. I apologize to those who dislike the ploughman's platter approach to LiveJournal. Just take the chutney and leave the cheese if that's all you're interested in.

1. Perfume I'm sampling today: Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. Quite lovely. Sweet, sophisticated; touches of orange, florals, and maybe patchouli (which, like many an off-putting scent, can smell very good when mixed with the right things). Elegant, and I'm enjoying wearing it, as I always have so far with the Chanel scents I've tried. I'm not getting an "I can't live without this!" reaction, though, which is good, considering it is seriously $100-a-bottle perfume. I'll stick to the decanted trial spray I bought for cheap off eBay.

2. There is someone in my extended family who likes to send email forwards without checking first. But, then, this person does have an AOL address, so we can't expect them to know about the real internet. Still: today's email claimed that we should all troop outside to admire the night sky because, this August, Mars is going to be so close to Earth that it will look the same size as the full moon in the sky. Okay. I can understand falling for the notion that pressing #-9-0 on your phone will allow scammers to make long-distance calls on your line. But how do you get to be 70-something years old without realizing the astronomical catastrophes that would need to happen for Mars to get close enough to Earth to appear the same size as our Moon? We'd be sending Bruce Willis out on a rocket with a nuclear missile to destroy the Red Planet if that were happening--provided we weren't deluged by our own massively irregular high tides.

3. Speaking of tides, have I mentioned we're going to Maui in September? *does hula of joy* Never been to Hawai'i before. (Notice how the linguist is a dork and includes the glottal stop.) Been reading a guidebook about it, and am quite stoked. Red sand beaches! Black sand beaches! Ten billion waterfalls! Lava-rock tidepools! Tropical fruit! Jungles! Deserts! Sunsets! Swimming everywhere! Still being in the United States so you don't need vaccinations in order to visit, and can drink the tap water! Oh, but uh, kenshi and others coming along, I feel obliged to mention that they have something called the cane spider. Fortunately, not venomous or aggressive. Unfortunately, huge and hairy, and fond of crawling around inside houses and cars. *shudder* OK, but still--no panthers! No snakes! No monkeys to throw the coconuts at your head! Really, Hawaii could be a lot worse.

4. Oh yeah, I had a 4th: I've started reading Daniel Deronda by George Eliot. I'm liking it very much, which doesn't surprise me, as Eliot is fabulous; but sometimes I am annoyed by my music-associative mind. For whenever I see the title, I get Styx's "Mr. Roboto" in my head, only with the words, "Thank you very much-a, Daniel Deron-da." How inappropriate and lame is that? I don't even like that song. The VW commercial was funny. But still.
Tags: fragrance, science, travel

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