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Equinox ≠ equanimity

It is the beginning of autumn, and I am happy about it. Night temperatures have been getting down into the 40s; wood smoke has started to tint the scent of the air; the first yellow leaves are falling. As a Washingtonian I really should have an apple tree budding with ripe fruit to round things out, but we don't at the moment. Will settle for buying local apples at the grocery store. (Munching on slices of one right now.)

However, I seem to be the only one who is happy about the autumnal equinox, given that 85% of my friends list, and the people I've encountered at work today, are snarling, grumbling, or biting. Guess the balance of daylight and night doesn't lend to a balanced mood.

So, a more amusing thought: as a pregnant woman, what should I be for Halloween this year? Britney Spears? Catholic schoolgirl? Prom queen? Caramel apple? Put your brainstorming capacities to the task.

And lastly but not leastly, a happy birthday to Bilbo and Frodo.
Tags: astronomy, holidays

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