Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

In the year...400005...?

For a few seconds I thought I had lost my ability to comprehend English properly. But no. It was the message that was screwy.

A voice-mail at work informed me that I should have received some insurance, covering the company from the dates "four thousand oh-five to four thousand oh-six." Uh...when?

I found the insurance, and in fact it covers them from April 1, 2005 (04/01/05) to April 1, 2006 (04/01/06). But it really took me those few seconds to remind myself that, indeed, while you might say "four-oh-one-oh-five", you simply never say "four thousand oh-one." Anyway, even if you ignored the slash mark, 0401 would be four hundred and one, wouldn't it?

I won't even attempt a linguistic theory on how that happened.

*pours more coffee for whoever left that message*
Tags: linguistics

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