Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Rejection slips: 28 or so. Good reviews: ONE, now, baby! Hah!

Okay, so this made me feel better...
(They like me! They really like me!)

Reviewed by: Nancy Jackson (for upcoming Dec. 15 edition of Dog-eared Webzine)

Tourist Attractions
By Molly J. Ringle

Molly J. Ringle is a masterful storyteller and
one I hope is here to stay. Tourist Attractions is a
tale that has humor, adventure, romance, suspense, and
if that isn't enough, some good old fashioned ghost
stories thrown in as well. Four friends, Eva, Eileen,
Laurence, and Susan venture off to the beautiful and
mysterious Edinburgh, Scotland to live and work for
six months. While they are there they find jobs,
love, secret crushes, heartbreak, and even themselves.
They even take part in ghost tours of caves,
underground vaults, and spooky tombs. Friendship
becomes a sustaining part of their ability to keep
their wits about them as they cope with new feelings
and being so far away from home.
The author provides an entertaining dialogue that
kept me laughing and intrigued until the bittersweet
ending. I could imagine the streets of Edinburgh as
if I were there, passing through the cafes, castles,
tombs, and the infamous magical pub. I did feel there
were too many chapters as some interactions among the
characters tended to drag on. The author makes up for
this by allowing you to share in the day-to-day
emotions and problems they face living in a foreign
country. I highly recommend Tourist Attractions with
its surprise twists and powerful gusto of dialogue.
This proves to be an entertaining read and an exciting
way to pass your day.

Molly's notes: Here to stay? Oh but of course. The trouble is getting rid of me...*evil laughter*
Too many chapters? Hehe. She should've seen the first draft.
The character is named "Sharon," not "Susan," but whatever. :)
I've never gotten a book review before. Pretty awesome. There will undoubtedly be worse ones in the future, but I shan't dwell on that right now.

Unrelated topic: doing a search on "Gothic" in Limewire turns up lots of cool stuff. I have an oh-so-dark CD of tunes now. (London After Midnight, The Shroud, The Damned, Current 93, the obligatory obscure Cure song...) And it's even cloudy today! Yay! (If I still lived in Seattle, this would not be news. Stupid California.)
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