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Much HilariTea ensues.

So, along with my SereniTea, I also have some ImmuniTea by the same makers (it contains echinacea among other things), and SensualiTea (rose petals, mint, cinnamon, hawthorn), and these folks also make mixes like FestiviTea, Mental ClariTea, and FemininiTea. This gets me thinking of other possibilities (ooh, there's one! PossibiliTea!). A preliminary brainstorming list:

PersonaliTea - Because, really, doesn't everyone need a little more of this?
PunctualiTea - Just a dash of speed to get you to your appointments on time.
DupliciTea - For the devious two-faced bastards among tea drinkers.
MorbidiTea - Herbs grown in graveyards. Special Halloween mix for the Gothier-than-thou crowd.
IncreduliTea - "You'll never believe what's in it!"
HilariTea - Licorice root and nitrous oxide. Make everything funnier today!
VaniTea - Caution: do not drink near mirror. May lose half the day in self-admiration.
AntiquiTea - We don't know how long this has been in the storeroom, but the price on the box is in Roman numerals...
AudaciTea - How dare you drink this? Really, how dare you?
RelativiTea - Drink it at the speed of light, and time will stand still for you.
Heisenberg's UncertainTea - We can tell you either what this tea will do to you, or how fast it will do it to you, but not both.
Oh God the HumaniTea - Hindenberg memorial mix. Delicate overtones of hydrogen gas and burned rubber.
SaniTea - Clearly what I need right now.

Go ahead and add more if you think of any. As you can see, this is a very productive game. :)
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