Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

I like January

I always have liked January. Fresh new start; clearing out the weight of the holidays; putting the new loot away to sparkle on the shelves. Clear-headedness; increasing sunlight.

And this January should be especially interesting. I have nine more working days before retiring to become a mother - or fewer, if Lemondrop so decrees - and am feeling quite optimistic about it. I don't mean I expect it to be easy, but at least I'll know it's important and is definitely a job I personally am meant to do. Our house now has objects like newborn diapers (they're teeny!), onesies (footed and non-footed), a stroller/car seat system ("European design with American conveniences" - by which I think they mean a cup holder), and many waterproof-yet-absorbent lap pads with cute patterns like tiny bees on them.

However, rather than spam you with pictures of that, behold our reassembled kitchen! First, the way it looked when we bought the place...

Before ("their" work):

(That was a cast-iron sink, by the way. I think the house shifted when we moved it. Not pictured: screwed-up plumbing behind wall.)

After (our work):

Yes, I cheated by using softer lighting on the "after" shot, but all fashion makeover shoots do it.

Anyway, it's just as well I will be hanging around home more often. They installed a new firewall at work, which is liek OMG fascist about blocking sites. I can't access Webshots, because it counts as "freeware/shareware." I can't access to see what song they played on my commute, because it counts as "music downloads/radio." And I can't access LiveJournal, because it counts as "clubs/message boards." Hmf. However, they haven't yet blocked, so my coworkers will be able to download e-texts of classical lit and read them for free, at work! Hahaha! (Yes, that is about the geekiest form of subversive behavior I can think of.)

And FYI, it is now the Year of the Dog, so remember to stop writing "Year of the Rooster" on your checks.
Tags: holidays, housework, kid, pictures

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