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My so-called weekend

Spent about eighteen hours (or at least it felt like it) grading essays and homework. Gah. Let us say no more about that.

Also watched two movies, both disturbing as is befitting for the week of Halloween: 'Donnie Darko' and 'Heavenly Creatures.' Both are well done, creatively shot, and are giving me second thoughts about having teenagers. (On the other hand, it makes everyone I've ever known look sweet and normal.) 'Heavenly Creatures,' as you might know, was directed by Peter Jackson, and is based on a true story--which makes it especially disturbing. Spoilers follow, be warned. It's about a pair of New Zealand teen girls in the '50s, who were rather too close to each other, and ended up plotting and carrying out a murder just so they could stay together. Freaky yet true.

But I have to admit, when characters in the movie were saying stuff about these girls like, "Their attachment is unhealthy," and were nervously pronouncing "homo-sexu-al-ity", I couldn't help thinking, "Hmm, people say that about Sam and Frodo, too." (Don't kill me; I didn't invent the rumor!) So, to sum up: Peter Jackson has so far directed one movie in which a same-sex pair from real life has a love relationship which is deeply unhealthy, and one movie in which a same-sex pair from a fantasy has a love relationship which is pure and good. Truly I have no idea what to make of that; I just thought it was interesting. Amusing, even.

On 'Donnie Darko': Jake Gyllenhaal (if I spelled that right) is way cool. Despite being an actor, and a young'un at that, he sounded more intelligent than his director, when we watched some of the scenes-with-commentary. I now want him to act in all the screenplays I write. I'll have my people call his people and we'll work out a contract.

Weather: they keep putting a chance of rain on the forecast, for about three days away, then moving it back or cancelling it. Am convinced they're just screwing with me.

Music: at least, while grading, I can listen to CD's. The Divine Comedy's "Casanova" is truly great and you must go get it if you don't have it. (Preferably with the 6-track companion disc.) I should get more by them (him, really...). Also thinking I should get a proper CD by The Damned. No one ever told me they had a really cool Goth phase after their punk phase. Should order "Phantasmagoria" or something.
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