Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Golden Globes

Regarding the Golden Globes of yester eve:

I always like to watch these awards shows, though it's hard to say why. On a good year, I've seen perhaps 5% of the material being nominated. This year I think it was down to about 2%. (I've seen "Lost," and Kung Fu Hustle, and...uh...well, anyway...) In fact, this year had a higher-than-average number of shows and movies I've never even heard of. But if they sounded interesting, I added them to my Netflix queue.

In addition, you can't beat the awards show for people-watching, and associated fashion snark. So. Comments:

Hollywood folk, in general, act like high schoolers, don't they? Which is no slur on high schoolers, who are at least acting their own age. But when you expect smirking, popular Clooney over there to start shooting spitwads at the camera, you begin to wonder what happened to the elegance.

I guess Anthony Hopkins is fairly elegant. Though I had no idea he ever played Hitler. Or that Jonathan Rhys Meyers played Elvis Presley. Or that Kenneth Branagh played FDR. I am intrigued by all these facts.

I think I was confusing Match Point with one of those ditzy tennis-star romantic comedies that came out recently. (Wasn't there one starring Kirsten Dunst or something?) Perhaps Match Point has more substance. I'm wary of Woody Allen's tag on it, but from the clips it looked very unlike Woody's usual whiny stuff.

OMG, Gwyneth's dress looked like randomly crumpled tissue paper.

Joaquin Phoenix has graduated from "sulky" and now perhaps embodies the word "brooding" for our time. "I'm very happy to have won. Honest. I almost smiled." I would say the same of Jonathan Rhys Meyers for his non-smiling acceptance speech, but he looked more scared than brooding. Loverly Irish accent on 'im, though.

Funniest acceptance speech has to go to our darling Hugh Laurie, though Steve Carell gets an honorable mention. Think I shall add both "House M.D." and "The Office" to Netflix queue. (Though perhaps I'll start with the UK version of "The Office"...)

I definitely want to see Capote. It's very rare that a book you read five or more years ago lingers clearly in your head, but In Cold Blood certainly did.

Most of the presenters kind of sucked at doing their job, which is sad considering they're professional actors. However, that Brandon Routh, a.k.a. "The new Superman" (about whom I reported a very rude and salacious rumor), really is quite dishy. Fairly close resemblance to Christopher Reeve...with just a touch of Jason Schwartzman, when he puts on the Clark Kent glasses.
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