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One week from due date...

I can't believe I thought I had a belly to show in pictures like this one, from July. Cracked up Steve and me when we discovered that photo the other night. I mean, for God's sake, this is more like pregnancy. (From yesterday.) Even so, it's hard to believe there's a seven-pound baby stuffed in there. Well, some of the time it's hard to believe. Other times I fully believe it--like when a fist is buzzing nerves at the base of my pelvic bone, while a foot is simultaneously bumping my ribs; or when I try to turn over in bed and my hip joints cry out in protest at the weight I am forcing upon them.

But I believe there are two bright sides here. First,
Things I actually have liked about pregnancy:
Knowing where the kid is at all times, and that he's safe
NOT getting half the ailments other women warned me about
NOT gaining as much weight as I thought I might (I seem to have levelled out at a gain of about 25 lbs)
The hormones that have made me sweeter, more loving, and blessed with hotter dreams
The skin - I do have extra glow/flush in that photo because we were watching a comedy and I had been laughing (The 40-Year-Old Virgin; hee!), but still, the amount of cover-up makeup stick I have used lately has been quite minimal. I will really, really miss that, if the breakout-prone conditions return after the birth.
Having a great excuse to avoid all kinds of tasks and events

Things I look forward to for after the birth:
Being able to turn over in bed easily
Being able to sleep on my back without feeling suffocated
Being able to get close to sinks again
Being able to climb stairs or exert myself without panting like an overheated Bernese Mountain Dog
Having a slimmer waist again, but larger breasts (yay for breastfeeding!)
Eating a lot, but LOSING weight; and having the baby gain instead of me (another "yay" for breastfeeding!)
The general cuddling and cuteness and mushy stuff
A glass of scotch, or a full-strength latte, now and then
My joints and tissues easing off from their hypersensitivity and returning to normal
Corollary: not bleeding for ages at the slightest paper cut, or from vigorous flossing; and not slobbering on pillows practically every time I fall asleep (all your body fluids work overtime during pregnancy, which is annoying, but no major drama)
Knowing What It Was Like, which is almost always better and less scary than Not Knowing What It Will Be Like
Similarly: earning the honor badge of having gone through pregnancy, start to finish, A to Z, preface to afterword, and being able to close that book. And open the one about pediatrics.

But, no. I am still not in labor. So you may be stuck with my musings on the subject for as long as another 3 weeks.
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