Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Still here

Since people keep asking, no, I'm not in labor yet; and yes, the due date is tomorrow. It's a first baby, darn it. They're often late. Calm down out there! Yes, I know all the inducement tricks. No, I do not want castor oil or anything else.

But hey, if I'm still not in labor tomorrow night, the consolation prize is that I get to watch "Lost." Granted, it looks to be a baby-drama episode, so I'll put up the mental shields first. Then again, they have TV's in hospital rooms these days, so I might be able to watch it even if I am in labor. Huh. Modern technology, eh?

In the meantime, this is a really, really good chocolate cookie recipe. You can simplify it a little and it's still good. (Like, you don't need parchment paper; nor do you have to keep the eggs and sugar warm.)
Tags: food, kid

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