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Salad dressing and Gothiness

So, I looked like this today, more or less, for my classes. People said I looked "nice," or "cool." Heh. (Azrael Abyss and/or Simon/Hecubus voice: "No! I'm not nice, I'm evil! EVIL!") I did some spider-vein thingies in blue, at the corners of my eyes, but you can't really see them in that picture. Hmm. Slightly more evil, and you can see the veins a little better, in this one.

While making salad for lunch today, dressed like this, I grated some fresh ginger root, and because I love ginger and don't want to waste any, I licked the cheese-grater clean. Now, I was careful not to cut myself or anything, so it was safe, but I can only imagine how it looked: Gothed-out chick licking a cheese grater. Sounds like an album cover.

However, I feel I must add that this is the greatest salad dressing I've discovered this year, so I shall share with you the recipe (which I got from someone else). It's quick and easy; I make it from scratch every time. Goes roughly like this:

2 parts sesame oil
2 parts vinegar (balsamic or rice)
1 part honey
1 part soy sauce
fresh grated ginger root to taste

Mix together and apply to salad. Voila. Yes, you must use sesame oil or there just isn't any point.

Oh yes, and by the way, we have officially gotten through the entire month of October without a single drop of rain. All I can say is: screw you, California.

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