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Spring pics, and upcoming release

I've just finished looking over the galleys, as it were, for my upcoming ebook release, Summer Term. Should be ready for general consumption soon, so watch this space. The short description is that it's "chick-lit," about a grad student, a Linguistics professor, and a movie star; and is, sadly, not based on my real life, except that I was a Ling grad student once.

It also pokes a little bit of fun at fanfic, and a fairly large amount of fun at fangirls in general; even though, in a larger sense, the whole thing could be considered a novel-length Mary Sue fanfic. I'm meta-ironic that way.

Some direct quotes, out of context, to whet your curiosity and make it feel like you're hearing a preview on TV from another room:

Oh, by the way, my friend Ky? She'd fuck you.
There, there, darling; we still have the possibility of solar cells.
OMG, I'm the hugest dork! I was looking at pictures of Aidan Grey online and he WALKED IN! Ahahahaha!!
And what's with the guy-on-guy action? When we were thirteen, didn't we just write stories where the actors met us and fell in love?
My dear bride, don't talk about rich bastards that way. After all, with our new salaries, we've jumped into the second-highest income tax bracket in the state, you and I. I fear we might be one of them.
Oh my God, dude! I'm sorry. Seriously. I know you must get this all the time. And I know you're like barely legal. But you look even hotter in person. I mean that. Seriously.
"Learn Estonian." Is that what the kids are calling it these days?
What, just ONE story about a steamy time-travel encounter between you and Errol Flynn, and you still won't forgive me?
There's this teacher-student line we shouldn't cross, you know?

(But don't worry. Everyone's well above the age of 18.)

So, for now, enjoy these...
My new wallpaper gallery currently has just three pics for you, but they're rather pretty. I took them in Seattle's Fauntleroy Park, and captured a Shire-ish forest path, a salmonberry blossom, and a drift of trillium on the forest floor. As "Trillium" used to be one of my screen names, I have a fondness for that flower.

Happy Monday, yo.
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