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So, the "after" do...

Weeellll, as expected, I look nicer and more feminine with long hair, and this is kinda ridiculously short. But I wanted them to donate the long locks to the cancer patients, and to do so they needed at least 10 inches, so I boldly told the hairdresser to go as high up as the ears. And, honestly, I don't mind looking like a 15-year-old boy for the time being, since it's MUCH easier to deal with. And in the next few months, as it grows, it will be fun to play with other styles.

Still, I had forgotten how unruly my hair is. ("You can't style it; you can only hope to contain it!" By the way, what is that quote, originally? I can't remember.) This photo is after taming down with gel and water. In the morning, it looks like I did a short Kim Novak style, then took a motorcycle ride without a helmet, then fell off and slept in a ditch. And climbed out through a hedge backward.

It's entertaining, at least.


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Apr. 24th, 2006 03:44 am (UTC)
Good Lioness; Beauty is as Beauty does.

Apr. 25th, 2006 08:52 pm (UTC)
A good philosophy! Lionesses don't have big manes anyway... :)
Apr. 24th, 2006 03:50 am (UTC)
Aww, I love it! It looks so cute! :-)
Apr. 25th, 2006 08:53 pm (UTC)
Thank you! And your example reminded me to donate the hair. You rock.
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Apr. 24th, 2006 03:50 am (UTC)
Your hair is very cute!
Apr. 25th, 2006 08:53 pm (UTC)
Apr. 24th, 2006 03:52 am (UTC)
I think it's cute! And bless you for donating your hair!
Apr. 25th, 2006 08:54 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Well, I wasn't going to need it for anything... :)
Apr. 24th, 2006 04:07 am (UTC)
It looks great! And hurray for Locks of Love. I donated to them when I cut all my hair off, too.
Apr. 25th, 2006 08:54 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I feel bad I've never done it before. Will keep it in mind henceforth.
Apr. 24th, 2006 04:28 am (UTC)
Well, you're always hot to me. ;)

Short hair is easier, though at that particular length it looks like it might be tricky (was for me, anyway). Mine's about three inches shorter than THAT, and I don't have to do squat to it. Of course, it will be interesting to try to figure out how to tamp it down as I grow it out to donate.

But look at it this way: less hair for grabby little fingers, right? ;)
Apr. 25th, 2006 10:40 pm (UTC)
Aye, the "less hair for grabby little fingers" consideration was key in this decision!

Seems no matter where you cut it to, there's always a "difficult" phase to grow through. But hey, it's all a fun challenge. :)
Apr. 24th, 2006 05:02 am (UTC)
I am a fan of short hair on females.. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I like girlie neck ;) But it is also so clean looking.. early Delores from the Cranberries, or Justine of Elastica comes to mind. Do you have it shaved in the back, or not that short?
Apr. 25th, 2006 10:42 pm (UTC)
Necks are good on either sex. :) And for famous examples, let's not forget Maggie O'Connell from Northern Exposure!

It's very nearly shaved in back. Probably an inch long, or less.
Apr. 24th, 2006 06:58 am (UTC)
In the morning, it looks like I did a short Kim Novak style, then took a motorcycle ride without a helmet, then fell off and slept in a ditch. And climbed out through a hedge backward.

And here I thought I was the only one applying that particular hair care regimen.
Apr. 24th, 2006 02:29 pm (UTC)
ooooh, I see what I've been doing wrong - I usually skip the hedge part.
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Apr. 24th, 2006 09:14 am (UTC)
It's adorable!!!! And so very smart with an infant about. My hair falls below my shoulders, and every baby I have ever picked up has been immediately compelled to wind spit-laden fingers into my hair and YANK. Of course, getting loose is kind of like trying to untangle one wire coat hanger from a pile of hundreds... and by the time you pry one hand loose, the other one is embedded to the scalp. So I think you're supremely wise. :-)

At least you have body to your hair, and it's a lovely color. If mine were that short, I'd look like Annie Lennox in her Eurythmics days, only far less sexy.
Apr. 25th, 2006 10:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you! And yep, far too many times lately have I carefully laid the kiddo down on a bed or changing table, coaxing, "Let go of the hair. Let go of the hair." I'm putting my long earrings away before anything happens with THAT. Eep.
Apr. 24th, 2006 09:54 am (UTC)
I think you look adorable - gamine and fresh and kinda sexy!
Apr. 25th, 2006 10:45 pm (UTC)
Why, thanks. "Gamine"--you win for best adjective of the post. :)
Apr. 24th, 2006 02:28 pm (UTC)
Ooooh, I like the new do! It's so cute and spunky and makes you look so young and adorable.

Plus, props for sacrificing for Locks of Love. I don't know if I could chop off that much.
Apr. 25th, 2006 10:46 pm (UTC)
Ah, thank you for saying "young." It's good to hear it once in a while, though ever less frequently. :)

It's the first time I've donated the locks...I know I've done equally dramatic cuts in the past, but was always wasteful before. Bad me.
Apr. 24th, 2006 06:33 pm (UTC)
You look really nice with short hair! I wish I had the courage to cut off my hair (it's down to my waist) but I'm too chicken. I cut it up to my shoulders when I was in high school, and as a result, I looked like a 12 year old. But you look good. And I know how it goes with babies and long hair. Kids have a field day with mine since its so freaking long.

Oh and yay for locks of love! I donated mine when I chopped it off in high school.

Apr. 25th, 2006 10:47 pm (UTC)
I guess you could keep yours in a braid or something, but even so, they tend to find the loose hairs and grip tight. As you've probably noticed.

Anyway...thank you!
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Apr. 25th, 2006 09:23 am (UTC)
I'm sure short hair is practical for a busy mummy! I think it looks quite pretty and elfin. Also, the back of your neck will be nice and cool for summer. I always get such a hot neck!
Apr. 25th, 2006 10:48 pm (UTC)
Naturally I like the sound of "elfin". Thank you! :) Yes, sweaty neck beneath the hair is a familiar feeling for me, but at least I'll dodge that this summer. Plus it no longer takes hours to dry after washing.
Apr. 25th, 2006 11:32 pm (UTC)
Hey not too many people can pull off short hair but you do it ever so gracefully. ; ) Every day I wish I could chop all of mine off. I usually come home with food, boogers and god knows what else stuck in there from sticky little fingers. But with my super curly curls I think I'd just end up looking insane.
Apr. 29th, 2006 12:59 am (UTC)
Thank you! Heheh...sounds like you could end up with dreds if those little ones had their way. :)
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