Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

LJ card catalog now in order

After working on it in fits and starts for MONTHS, I am finally done tagging all my LJ entries. Every single one, all the way back to March of 2002. (When direwolves and dial-up roamed the earth.) What do you mean, you don't care?

I didn't do an ideal job of it. It was hard to know how many tags to make. "Are you going to be a lumper or a splitter?" as Steve put it. I ended up being more of a lumper. But it will serve the purpose of more easily finding stuff, I think.

Most-used, as expected, is the "movies" tag. But close behind, and highly recommended if you just want to giggle through the day, is the "funny" tag. Back in the day, I put quite a lot on the "slash" tag. I also said a lot more back then about politics than I do now, and be sure to visit that one for a real laugh riot. However, I know that you all will jump straight to the "sex" tag before anything else, so be my guest.

So, I suppose you're doing something *fun* for Memorial Day weekend.

P.S. Happy 4-month birthday to my kidlet! See him wake up his daddy.
Tags: computers, kid, pictures

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Recent Posts from This Journal