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Please file my ebooks in Project Gutenberg 70 years after my death

Little announcement in a minor key:

Scheherazade Tales, a.k.a. a nice lady named Deb, who has e-published one of my novels and a dozen by a number of other writers, and was going to publish SUMMER TERM this season (which I've posted samples of here), is going out of business as of midnight tonight. Ebooks, she explains--and I have to agree with her--are not something the world at large is ready for. The only e-publisher turning a serious profit and holding a booth at book conferences is Ellora's Cave, and I don't think it's a coincidence that they publish only erotica. People are happy with the printed book. I am happy with the printed book myself, so I can't criticize. The reason Project Gutenberg works at all is that a) it provides ebooks for the amount most people are willing to pay for them; i.e., nothing; and b) providing a searchable text of classic lit is actually useful to many people, whether for scholarly purposes or just curiosity.

So, if you still want to read TOURIST ATTRACTIONS or SUMMER TERM, I can arrange that on a one-on-one basis, of course. I don't know if I'll try to find other houses for them just yet. I think I'll be going back to querying agents for some of my other stories, and shoot for the paper-publishing moon.

Actually I think I'll be trying to sell RELATIVELY HONEST first. It turned out much more fun and readable than I expected. Plus, "edgy" is in these days, in young adult. (I assume quasi-incest counts as edgy.)

There we are. My sympathies to Deb, who tried her hardest, and to the other S.T. authors, who are lovely gals from what little I knew of them in email correspondence.

I will probably become a librarian someday anyway. If I had to give up either writing books or reading them, I would give up writing them--though with great reluctance. As long as I still have LJ, my feedback needs are met, right? ;)
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