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1. This was a cool day because (and this will only mean anything to a handful of you) Steve and I got to meet John Richards, a.k.a. John In The Morning at KEXP. As he is the coolest DJ on the coolest radio station in existence, I think that makes him the coolest DJ in the world. So it was a treat when the baby and I tailed Steve to a Seattle League ultimate frisbee game, and found that John had shown up to play on his team today. John has a small boy himself, and came over to say hi to us, and I had a nice long conversation with him about babies, pregnancy, and of course the radio station. (I was mildly fawning but I think I kept my cool.) He's very down to earth, as if actually unaware of being a celebrity. His hair is longer than in the photos on his page there, incidentally; and he looks younger, almost boyish, in real life; but I'd know that voice anywhere. Odd to hear it from an actual person and not a radio. :) You rock, John.

2. Swiped some spearmint leaves from a neighbor's yard the other night, opened a bottle of Maker's Mark, and we had mint juleps. Mmm. I bruised the mint, rather than chopping it. Southerners, I hope I did it "right."

3. Colin Firth fangirls: you do know about the movie 'Valmont,' yes? I rented it the other day. For the same story, 'Dangerous Liaisons' is better organized, but young Firth as rakish Valmont is a yummy treat. Good fun.

4. I'm late to this podcast thing, but I'm enjoying listening to Rick Steves' travel podcasts while I take walks with the kidlet. Travel the world while staying in your neighborhood! I now know lots more about Poland, Mexico, Cuba, Wales, and Egypt, to name a few destinations. Anyone have other podcast recommendations that fit the bill for entertainment with some educational value? Audio only, please. Even if I could watch videos on my iPod, I wouldn't try it while walking.

5. Just finished reading the very very good The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, by Michael Chabon. (Figured I should follow up one Pulitzer winner with another.) Beautiful, funny, poignant, all that. And Chabon has one truly impressive vocabulary, I might add, but the book does not feel pretentious despite his use of it.

Have a good Sunday. I think we're due to get rained upon some more. It's been warm rain, though, like a Hawaiian rainforest. Totally rocks. Keep yer sunshine, rest of the world.


Jun. 6th, 2006 09:05 am (UTC)
you do know about the movie 'Valmont,' yes?

WHOOOP! (aside: Didn't I nudge you to check this out a little while ago?) Colin Firth makes my ovaries wibble, so of course I like this version better than DL. But I also think Fariuza Balk (sp?) is about 500% more believable as Cecile than Uma Thurman ("Monsieur, please meet my virgin daughter who is not only a foot taller than you, but also strangely resembles a prepubescent Amazon"), Henry Thomas ROCKS MY SOCKS as Daunceny, and Annette Bening has possibly my favorite movie line EVER: "Do you think a man can change?" "Yes... for the worse."

And as for the mint, I must confess that I've never had a mint julep in my life. Sorry! :-)
Jun. 8th, 2006 04:40 am (UTC)
Was it you who nudged me? Must've been. It was someone on LJ. And yah, Firth is totally yummy, at pretty much whatever age. Bening was a delight too.

What, you didn't like Keanu Reeves? Heheh. He should never be allowed in period pieces. It's just disconcerting. Balk and Thomas actually looked like teenagers, so that was an improvement--in fact, from the careful staging it looked like they used a body double for Balk when Firth was kissing her tushie. Can't be having 15-year-old actresses do that kind of thing, I guess. :)