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Got my hands on that Chanel No. 19 sample, and, dang it, I really like it. I wouldn't say it reminded me of rolls in the grass with Mr. Darcy--I think Caswell-Massey probably has a scent for that--but it does remind me of elegant ladies from the mid-20th century. Someone else's review said it smelled like Dagny Taggart's signature scent, and I could see that. So maybe it smells like a roll in the grass with Francisco d'Anconia. ;) In any case, it was Coco Chanel's signature scent--the "19" is supposedly for her birthday, August 19--and it's very clean and classy. The vetiver comes out as the most remarkable note on my skin. And the only reason I recognize vetiver is because I have a sample of Guerlain's Vetiver for some reason. I didn't know what vetiver actually was, in the natural world, so I looked it up and learned it's a grass native to the Indian subcontinent. So there you go.

As for Chanel No. 19, which I'd happily make one of MY signature scents, there is the complicating factor of formulation. I tried the eau de parfum, but Chanel also makes an eau de toilette version, which everyone says is actually fairly different from the EDP. So now I have to try the EDT and see how it goes--for EDT is cheaper, and if I like it better, that's a win-win situation. (They also make a pure parfum version, but that's seriously expensive. Like, $200 an ounce. Forgeddaboudit.)

Also, this post is kind of a GIP. It occurred to me that as my hair grows out, it's kind of looking 1920s-ish, so I sepia-toned a recent photo for fun. Actually it's looking more hobbitish than anything...

Anyways, must go. Happy weekend!
Tags: fragrance, pictures

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