Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Item the First: Sayeth my teabag wrapper, "Surprisingly enough, with a name like Tazo Honeybush, this tea contains none of the buzz of caffeine." Funny; I would have said, "Surprisingly enough, with a name like Tazo Honeybush, this is a tea and not a porn star."

Item the Second: This PBS page claims that we in the Pacific Northwest are shifting our vowels so that words like "beg" and "bag" come out almost the same, with the vowel sounding like the one in "bake." Also, "good" sounds like "gid" and "look" sounds like "lick." Having tested my own speech, I have to admit they're pretty much right. I already knew that, in true Wild West form, I said "frr" (almost like "fur") instead of "for", and "git" instead of "get," and I drop most of my g's, so to speak, for words endin' in -ing. And "cool" comes out as two syllables for me, just about. But I hadn't noticed the "What kind of beg, paper or plastic?" thing yet. Coo-wul.

Item the Third: You know you've been reading The Silmarillion too long when you giggle at the brand name "Melnor" on your lawn sprinkler, and start making up a heritage for it. Melnor, also called Cunithielanien, son of Maginor. When I turned the water up a little too high, and got sprinkled, I even went so far as to tell Steve, "Beware, the arm of Melnor is long. And cold, and wet."

Item the Fourth: I forgot to fangirl about a book I recently read, so now is the time. I Capture the Castle, by Dodie Smith. So utterly charming and funny and poignant. Somehow the very charismatic narrator reminded me of kalquessa, even though kalquessa is neither British nor a denizen of the early 1900s. (But it's still a compliment, Marie, really!) And thank you to modmerseygirl for recommending that one in the first place.

Item the Fifth: We have taught Zachary the Jedi mind trick. Useful, don't you think?
Tags: books, food, funny, linguistics, pictures

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