Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

A meme about me. Though aren't they all?

Post this in your journal, asking your friendslist (or whatever stranger that happens to wander by) to respond with whatever they know about you. It can be as matter of fact as 'Your name is Bridget, you're 25 and attending Harvard.' to the absolutely useless 'One Thursday, you tried to hop down a flight of stairs and you fell on your face'.

Tag five people. A week later, write an 'about me' post to fill in the gaps in your friends knowledge.

sopdetly tagged me, so here we are. Note to self: write post next week to fill in the gaps.

I tag...hmmm...random selection: rachel2205, kali_kali, wandererrob, bluesound, and amber_flashing. Hee. Get used to memes, K8...LJ doth crawl w/ them.
Tags: meme

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