Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

The notch marked "Heath" on the bedpost

Please welcome into the Famed Halls of Celebrities I Have Kissed in My Dreams... Heath Ledger!
(*clap clap clap*)

I've always liked and admired Heath, but he only murmured and shouldered his way onto my so-called "lust list" just lately, after I saw Casanova. Yes, it's a fluffy and ridiculous film with no historical redeeming value whatsoever. But, come on. It has Heath and other lovely people looking like this and acting silly, so of course I liked it.

Now, what Heath and I would ever be doing in the same room, let alone kissing, I can't imagine. What a pity. But thanks for those sweet nighttime hours, Signore Casanova. I'll leave my window open for you.
Tags: celebrity, movies, sex, sleep

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