Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

That guy was crazy

I love my friends list. When wars start somewhere in the world, I *might* see mention of it on one or two journals. But when Pluto is demoted to dwarf planet, or--to take today's case--when poor ol' Croc Hunter Steve Irwin dies--at least five of you post about it. We have our priorities straight around here, darn it. :)

That said, I really do feel bad about Steve Irwin. I loved watching him be his insane self, holding furious writhing snakes at arm's length and assuring them, "Yer awright! Yer awright!", or body-slamming crocodiles into a boat and then gently re-releasing them somewhere less problematic. I would never have thought a stingray, which people say are mostly harmless, would be the end of him. Well, possibly it isn't the career one should choose if one wants to live a long time, but all the same I feel bad for his wife and kids. Good on ya, mate.
Tags: animals, celebrity

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