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Seeking angel novels

In the interest of reading something similar to what I'm writing, I am in search of a novel (not a short story, not a movie, not nonfiction) meeting the following criteria:

1) Features angel(s)
2) Is not overtly religious or "inspirational" (e.g., I don't want so-called Christian fiction, or an adventure about dangerous Biblical artifacts and an OMG!Church Conspiracy!)
3) Is set in more or less modern times
4) Is set in the real world, or at least close to it (i.e., not a fantasy realm)
5) Features some teenage main characters, though doesn't have to be aimed entirely at young readers

Yes, I've done internet searches, and my eyes are getting tired of sorting through the slush. The only book I can think of that comes close is Good Omens, but that's still not very similar to my own. For one thing, it's a bit more frivolous (which of course is one of its attractions); and for another, it's ever so British (which is also one of its attractions, but I digress).

In the movie world, Michael and City of Angels/Wings of Desire are the closest, but they don't deal with teenagers.

Searches for teen angel fiction come up with lots of Buffy novels about the character Angel, who, despite his name, is a vampire and thus no help at all. So I'm giving up and asking youse-all.


Sep. 10th, 2006 07:18 pm (UTC)
While I can't think of any with angels as such, any number of books by Canadian author Charles de Lint could fit into the other themes - he has potentially angelic type characters, but they are drawn more from either Native American or pre-Christian European mythos.

Other than that, they tend to have young characters, they are for the most part "urban fantasy" - that is, set in the here and now with some quasi-mystical characters, with quite a few of the stories actually set in Ottawa, where I live ;) In fact, Charles de Lint himself lives here in Ottawa, plays music at a local pub most Thursdays, and has at least one garage sale a year where anyone can go say hi.

This page has an overview of his books. The only ones I've read are Forests of the Heart and Someplace to be Flying, but friends of mine have read more, as well as met him personally, and speak very highly of them and him, so they could be worth a try.
Sep. 13th, 2006 07:11 pm (UTC)
Wow, he's written tons! They look pretty cool. Sounds like I'd enjoy them even if they're not an exact match on this query; anyhow, a pretty-close match is good. I'll look into 'em. Thanks!