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Answers to movie quiz from the devil

1) What was the name of the man Cat Ballou shot and for whom she was
sentenced to be hanged?
-- Sir Harry Percival
2) What was the name of the film producer who took Seth away in Cold
Comfort Farm?
-- Mr. Neck
3) What was the name of the book written by Baron Von Frankenstein in
Young Frankenstein?
-- How I Did It
4) What were the words branded on Mongo’s Ox in Blazing Saddles?
-- Yes & No
5) What is the full name of the character of Partner in Paint Your Wagon?
-- Sylvester Newell
6) What was the year which appears with “Oregon Territory” at the
beginning credits of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?
-- 1850
7) What was the name of the Prince of Potzdorf in The Great Race?
-- Prince Hapnik
8) What was the name of the play that student Clifford Anderson wrote in
-- Deathtrap
9) What was the name of the bumbling military officer who led the small
army to invade America in The Mouse that Roared?
-- Tully Bascombe
10) What was the name of the Space Ship on Galaxy Quest?
-- NSEA Protector

QUOTES: 1 point given for each the name of the movie, the character(s),
and the actor(s)
11) 5 possible points
A: I were my father, I'd have you tortured.
B: No. If you were your father, I doubt very much if I would have kissed you.
-- The Pink Panther
-- Princess Dala : Claudia Cardinale
-- Sir Charles Lytton: David Niven
12) 3 possible points
A: "Gregor Samsa awoke one morning to discover that he had been
transformed into a giant cockroach." Nah, it's too good.
-- The Producers (1963)
-- Max Bialystock: Zero Mostel
13) 3 possible points
A: We consider ourselves bi-costal if you consider the Mississippi River
one of the coasts.
-- Waiting For Guffman
--Ron Albertson: Fred Willard
14) 3 possible points
A: You are a wise man, Professor, for someone who has not yet lived even a
single lifetime.
-- Dracula (1979)
-- Count Dracula : Frank Langella
15) 3 possible points
A: Son, if you're only as happy as your mother and I have been... my heart
bleeds for you.
-- A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
-- Senex: Michael Hordern
16) 3 possible points
A: Luther said I could learn some things from you. I already know how to
drink. -- The Sting
-- Johnny Hooker: Robert Redford
17) 5 possible points
A: Don't you think that idea is a little half-baked?
B: Oh no, Dad, it's completely baked.
-- The Graduate
-- Mr. Braddock: William Daniels
-- Benjamin Braddock: Dustin Hoffman
18) 3 possible points
A: It wouldn't be terrible at all. It would be a miracle. Not to mention
the money I'd save on epsom salts and ace bandages.
-- Little Shop of Horrors
-- Audrey: Ellen Greene
19) 5 possible points
A: Tell me the truth, am I a good actor?
B: As long as I'm working for Monumental Pictures, you're the greatest of
'em all.
-- Singin’ in the Rain
-- Don Lockwood : Gene Kelly
-- Cosmo Brown: Donald O’Connor
20) 5 possible points
A: You're not the man I knew ten years ago.
B: It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.
-- Raiders of the Lost Ark
-- Marion: Karen Allen
-- Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford



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Oct. 11th, 2006 09:23 am (UTC)
5) What is the full name of the character of Partner in Paint Your Wagon?
-- Sylvester Newell

Actually, in the movie, he adds, "Yeah, with just one 'l'." I just put the DVD in and checked to be sure. So go give your sister some guff! :-)
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