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Poll thing

Poll #845392 Questions unrelated to one another

(For my serious consideration.) If you were in the fiction section of the bookstore, or even the YA urban fantasy section specifically, which title would you be likelier to pick up?

Heaven Universal
The Angel of Death Valley

(Just because I'm curious.) How high do you set your thermostat for regular at-home hours?

60-61 F / 16 C
62-63 F / 17 C
64-65 F / 18 C
66-67 F / 19 C
68-69 F / 20 C
70-71 F / 21 C
72-73 F / 22 C
74-75 F / 23 C
76-77 F / 24 C
78-79 F / 26 C

Body type would have something to do with that last question, I'm sure; but I don't think it's as simple as "big people are warm; tiny people are cold." In fact, a lot of skinny people are skinny because they have metabolisms that burn like rocket fuel; therefore, they are comfortable at lower room temperatures than the average person. In addition, I'm betting it has to do with what you're used to. Those from toasty parts of California really can shiver and pile on sweaters when it's 62 outside. I have seen this personally. Meanwhile, Alaskans often wear shorts when it's 45. Again, personal witness.


Oct. 16th, 2006 02:09 am (UTC)
"The Angel of Death Valley" is too much of a Jeopardy "Before and After" category type of title for me... You know, kind of like "Gone With the Wind and Willows" (Novel in which Rhett Butler tells Toad, Rat, and Mole, "My dear, I don't give a damn"). It is too kitschy for my tastes personally. As for the other, I'd have to read the back of novel to see what it was about so you would get a few moments of my browsing time with it... that's half the battle, I suppose.
Oct. 16th, 2006 08:12 pm (UTC)
Ugh, I'm hopeless when Jeopardy unleashes those questions. My mind doesn't work that way, at least not that fast. Anyhow, at this rate I'll probably change the title to something else altogether. Some stories come with a nice ready-made title; others torment me for years...