Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Extreme flattery time

Taking a cue from something nice rachel2205 did once, I've decided to say what I like about each of you lovely people on my friends list. Why? Because I'm just that generous...and, oh yeah, because otherwise I'd have to do homework.

In strict alphabetical order, then:

8leggedkiwi: Almost never posts, but lives in New Zealand (if I understand correctly), which is obviously cool.

arcata1: Great sense of humor (even when crashing cars) :), and a loyal Republican--helping prove that these things are not incompatible.

bluealbino: Another conservative/rational-minded soul stuck in California--good to know I'm not alone in that.

crasch: Finds very cool links, and has like HUNDREDS of friends on the list; must be popular. :)

darthbeckman: A clear-thinking young man (well, young compared to me...) who always writes interesting rants and raves. Also another California conservative--must be more of us than people suspect...

hollinelf: It is such great fun to exchange pervy hobbit/elf/etc comments with this charming Brit girl. She should post more! ;)

kateelvellon: We seem to share uncannily similar preferences for the men of the world. Clearly this shows she has excellent tastes. Also she's quite the traveler, and that's cool to read about.

kenshi: The very reason I have an LJ. All bow down to my Provider of the Code! Also, my brother-in-law, so he has the distinction of being the only person on the friends list I've met in real life (we used to live in the same building, even). Besides all that, an architect and a good father/husband and a good writer and a keen philosopher.

lush_rimbaud: Hehehe...Lydia's posts quite frequently crack me up. Nobody can skewer the sucky fanfic like she can. And she's entitled to do so, since her own writing is quite good. Also I keep thinking she's older than she really is, because she's so darn savvy.

mekkio: It's good to know there are other struggling writers out there. Her posts are thoughtful and often amusing, and distinctly original. :)

bluegreen17: a.k.a. tavie_took - A fine pervy hobbit fancier, and that's good enough for me. Some of us need LOTR in order to live, and we all must band together...

nicosian: Girl, I don't know how you put up with those housemates of yours, but I just want you to know, I'm behind you all the way.

patientx: Doesn't post a lot, but seems to be one of those rare teenagers who impresses me by being so sensible and mature. Yet another Californian! Guess we really do have the highest population in the U.S.

pegkerr: An actual honest to God published novelist. I am in awe. She's also LOTR-obsessed, which just makes it more endearing. Am hoping to learn lots from this impressive lady.

pipu: Katie is always involved in some amazingly fun-sounding project, and seems to maintain an upbeat attitude. Plus, she likes rain, and I approve of that.

rachel2205: I know people don't always like this term, but Rachel is truly sweet. Her posts and comments are eloquent and considerate, and even useful since she's good at recommending movies, books, music, etc. (And I trust her tastes implicitly. Anyone with a Princess Bride icon must be trustworthy.)

ramaustin: Yet another conservative with a fun sense of humor and a healthy interest in pop culture. Fans of Michigan football better step back, though. ;)

ripleynikki: Serious talent! She has drawn some of the best LOTR fan-art I have ever seen, and writes good fanfic too. So cool.

silverowlwings: The inimitable Sara--a prime example of teenagers who impress me with their maturity. I could mention her skills of being able to write, spell, draw, make costumes, and so on, but the best part is that she loves and protects Frodo for us, and for that I deeply respect and appreciate her.

_persephone_: Hurrah for Moulin/LOTR fan alliances! Clearly this woman has good taste. She's also almost exactly my age, which is refreshing, and can be trusted to provide satisfying movie-review entries.

Whew. That took a while. If I forgot anyone, no offense intended! I probably just need glasses and missed your name on the list.
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