Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Question for LJ Hospital Procedure Genie

A question for those who know how hospitals work (or spend a lot of time watching House or Scrubs):

When a nurse gives a terminal cancer patient his requested and allowed dose of morphine to ease pain, does she record the time and dosage on his chart, or somewhere else? Or do the computers hooked up to him sense and record the dose, or what?

Also: if a patient dies of an accidental overdose of morphine, what are the odds that the hospital would fire the nurse responsible but not tell the family the real cause of death? For instance, might they--to avoid investigation and lawsuits--tell the family that the patient died in his sleep of his terminal cancer? Yes, of course it's wrong, but does it happen? I'm figuring, in this scenario, the nurse might not protest, because if they did make the facts public, she could lose her nursing license; whereas by simply having to leave this particular hospital, she could still get work as a nurse elsewhere.

And yes, this is just for a story; no need to worry.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: health, weird, writing

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