Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Curse you, Target!

My love/hate relationship with Target is swinging toward "hate" today. They have no rain boots for kids right now, or for anyone else for that matter. I guess the central HQ probably figures it's time for summer wear, and there's no use carrying anything else. But this is Seattle. It's raining right now and is supposed to be rainy all week. It could rain at any time of the year, any day at all (though especially the 4th of July). We're famous for it.

Target pretends to be a "find everything you need" type of store, but really they're very seasonally oriented--without, apparently, being very regionally oriented. Bah. I shall have to hit the secondhand kids' clothing shops in search of boots for the now-walking Z. If no luck there, then eBay. (There are some cute ones for sale, I see...)

On the other hand, Target is still the only place around to consistently sell Dove Dark Chocolate Promises for $2.54 a bag. ($3.79 at the grocery stores. Eek!) So they do have me on a short leash there.
Tags: food, irritation, kid

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