Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Park musings

When I was a little kid I liked to stand in big shallow puddles on the playground on our frequent overcast Oregon days, and stay as still as possible, gazing down at the reflection of the clouds until my perspective did an inner flip. At that point I would get an exhilarating vertigo-ish feeling that it wasn't a reflection but the real thing, and that I was standing on a plane of glass looking down through the air into a world of clouds.

I had forgotten that for years. Decades probably. But strolling around the park with my son and watching him explore puddles made me remember. Ever since finding out I was pregnant with him, long-submerged childhood memories have been coming back. It's one of the sweeter and subtler effects of having children, one you don't hear about as much.

Ask me for a recent and fairly important name or phone number, though, and I probably won't be able to remember.

Speaking of the park, I always found this sign sort of amusing:

"And don't do anything else, either." Or so it seems to say. I know they mean "There's other stuff that's illegal too, but we don't have space to list every last thing." I just have a way of noticing unintentional double meanings in signage.

It wouldn't be a modern LJ post if I didn't add the following: Yes, I have the new Harry Potter book. No, I haven't read it yet. Yes, I'll let you know when I do. Over and out.
Tags: books, funny, kid, pictures

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