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The WB LOTR TTT thingy

Think I got enough acronyms in my subject? Anyway, yes, just watched the Two Towers preview special on the WB (taping it, of course, while I did so) and it was awesome. Imagine! Something on the WB worth watching, aside from Gilmore Girls. But enough snide comments... Following may potentially be LOTR SPOILERS, but I don't think any of you care about that.

A list of impressions:

Those secrets that Orlando Bloom supposedly revealed...not sure what they were, except maybe the deep dark question, "what does Orlando look like with his shirt off?" And I am very glad we now know. ;)

Hobbit bonding: awww. Dom & Billy are inseparable, and finish each other's sentences. As my husband put it while we were watching, 'They're together, but they're not "together."' (Which apparently is a way of giving suspiciously close friends the benefit of the doubt.) Elijah and Sean A. were rather cuddly, too. I didn't have to say nothin' in the way of pervy comments; they were doing all the work for me.

Speaking of Elijah Wood: I don't think he ever says anything negative. He is always in a good mood. So cute.

I want to see Sean Astin's movie!

The glass in the foot while running out to the boat...oh ouch...poor Sean. Twenty stitches. Damn those flimsy hobbit feet.

Back to Orlando: does he have mirrors in his house? He wears the most ridiculous clothes in his time off. Though the Legolas-with-green-bandanna look was rather stylin'. :)

Gollum rocks. Andy Serkis deserves a medal. OK, maybe I should see the whole movie first before saying that...but still...

*hitting a fish on the ground, I go happily back to my studies*
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