Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Shoe fetish

A two-in-one! Baby photo, and shot of my short-but-shapely legs in my Dansko sandals.

The baby portion: Z likes to put on shoes, including other people's. Those are Steve's flip-flops, and he (Z) actually managed to walk around the kitchen in them for a little while.

The sandals: I generally have a terrible time finding sandals that don't chafe or blister my poor feet, but these have been an absolute winner. If you're in desperation to find a comfortable pair of sandals that give good arch support, are kind to your skin, and don't look like Birkenstocks--and if you're willing to pay for 'em--I highly recommend the Dansko Lolita. (Ebay often has them for cheaper, if you know your size already.) Many thanks to my sister peggycafecafe for steering me toward Danskos.

Now...what kind of freaks will be attracted here because of my subject title?
Tags: clothes, kid, pictures

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