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End of 'Angel', and other Buffyverse links

(Welcome, all those whom I dragged over here from mollyringwraith! Here's some of the promised discussion...)

I'm finally done watching every episode of Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Firefly, so aside from the comic books and upcoming projects, I can no longer be spoiled on anything Joss Whedon has done. And I am most definitely a devoted Buffyverse fangirl who will, one of these months, go back and acquire it all on DVD and watch it all again.

Which is not to say that the last moments of Angel didn't irritate me at first. I mean, you call that an ending? I'm more inclined to call it "ran out of time and was mad at being canceled so decided to leave things in a tangle." But after some thought, I've accepted it. The ambiguity fits the moral ambiguities of the show all along. Anyway, clearly Spike, Angel, Lorne, and Illyria all survive. Gunn, probably not. Wesley: *sniffle*! I'll miss him in the comic books. But at this point killing him was basically a way of putting him out of his misery, so maybe it's for the best.

Anyway, then we went back and re-watched the "Spike fights puppet Angel" bit from "Smile Time," which my husband hadn't seen, and he laughed harder than I've seen him laugh at anything in weeks, so this season has redeemed itself. Truly it was a great season overall, and I'm bummed they got cancelled when they did. I hear they really were planning to bring Oz back for season 6! Dang it. Oh well, maybe those comics...

So, a couple good essays by writer Jennifer Crusie here:
Dating Death, detailing why romance writers love watching BtVS, particularly the Spike/Buffy dynamic
The Assassination of Cordelia Chase, on how the show's writers screwed up with Cordy's character.
Major spoilers for both of those, which I can now read! Hoorah.

And a funny cartoon about the end of "Buffy", again with spoilers:

So. Dang. Guess I'll decompress with some movies for a week or so, then launch into the new "Dr Who" and see how I like it.

In the of those new Buffy comics, I hear, features a nice dream sequence picture of Buffy lounging in bed with Spike and Angel on either side of her. I don't suppose anyone has scanned that so I can stare at it lasciviously? Or do I have to wait till I get my own copy?

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