Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Some Doctor Who thoughts

Where I am in season 1: just finished "The Doctor Dances." I'll just echo kalquessa by saying, "Well, hel-lo, Captain Jack. I've heard so much about you, I feel we've already met." Handsome laddie, much? My, my. And I'm sure I'm only fan #462,931 to say this, but I thought the episode should have ended with Jack cutting in on the dance, to dance with Rose for a few seconds then to set her aside and start dancing with the Doctor. Not saying I'm slashing Jack/Doctor (yet), just that it would have been in character and funny.

Okay, I'll ask the really stupid question now and get it over with: With a time machine on their hands, why don't our heroes jump into the Tardis anytime something goes horribly wrong, go backward in time a bit, and fix the circumstances? Yes, I know: "Because then there wouldn't be a story." But why else? Something to do with it being difficult to end up on exactly the right day every time?

And nanogenes that can fix everything including death--well, that seems to be a pretty big problem-solving device. On the other hand, if you save someone who was "meant" to be dead, giant fell beasts appear and start tearing the space-time continuum apart, so save lives sparingly is I guess what they're saying, eh?

I like Eccleston; I really do. But I'm not crushing on him, which, to judge from photos, I could well do for Tennant, so I look forward to that adjustment. Still, I think I'll miss Nine in a way. He has his fun points.

And uh, did Rose bring enough mascara on her time traveling adventures? Yeegods. I like her too, but yikes. Really.
Tags: doctor who, tv

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