Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Who Gets Smoochy!

All righty, I'm hooked! Sometimes takes me a full season to see how they round things out and maximize the drama, but I do get there if the show's worthy, and I call the new Doctor Who worthy.

I hear the romantic angle of the new Who really bothered a lot of folks who liked the (supposedly) more asexual old Who (I say "supposedly" since I'm not very familiar with the old series). I'm sorry for them since I know it sucks when someone comes along and jarringly alters the fandom you loved so dearly. But I myself am not complaining about the smoochies; no sirree. My slash-happy dark side did jump up in glee when Jack planted one on the Doctor, I admit. And I was touched by the "I think you need a Doctor" kiss that saved Rose from being eaten by the space-time vortex. That one reminded me of Doyle kissing Cordy in Angel, or for that matter Prince Charming kissing Sleeping Beauty--a love kiss, yes, but more importantly a spell-breaking (or spell-transferring) kiss. It doesn't have to end in sex and/or marriage to give me my voyeuristic thrills.

That's part of what I loved so much about the Buffy-and-Angel-verse: the writers coupled and decoupled so many characters, so often, with such good drama, that we were never without a thorny romantic entanglement to watch, no matter what heavy supernatural woes were going on simultaneously. So adding romance into the new Who is just the kind of thing to draw someone like me into the viewership. (And drive away those who go, "Eww, kissing is yucky! It totally contaminates the pristine and refreshingly intellectual-only dialectic of the blah blah blah." Look, sex is a part of life--make that a big part of life--no, make that the source of life, excepting certain organisms whose lifestyles are too boring to put on TV--so yeah, I expect it to show up in just about all types of storytelling, even if it never gets farther than subtext and kissing.)

It was a real treat to get a glimpse of David Tennant at the end there! I was fond of Nine and his loverly accent, but I got over my minor parting sadness when Ten-Nant arrived and ran his tongue around his new teeth. Let's face it, he is totally my type, what with the wide eyes and untamed hair. Lest you need convincing of this being my type, let's review a photographic sampling of just a few of the many Boys I Have Obsessed Over In My Lifetime:
The Monkees
Robert Smith of the Cure
Elijah Wood
Toby Stephens, especially as Mr. Rochester
And of course my husband.

Yeah. No hope for me. Bring on the Ten!
Tags: angel, beauty, buffy, celebrity, david tennant, doctor who, sex, tv

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