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Early season 2 Who

We've now watched disc 2, featuring episodes "Tooth and Claw," "School Reunion," and "The Girl in the Fireplace." Really enjoyed them all. Though the Doctor's temporary Scottish accent was tasty and delightful, and of course it's fun to think of royal werewolf issues, I liked the second two episodes better for (Evil Giles! and also...) the depths they showed in the Doctor's character--particularly as he relates to Earth women.

The return of Sarah Jane was poignant, uncovering the Doctor's buried tenderness for the companions he's had to abandon, and my heart twisted up at his frustrated outburst to Rose about the agony in not being able to spend the rest of his life with any Earthling. I also felt pretty sorry for Rose, who's looking smaller and younger and more insignificant alongside the mature Sarah Jane, but I'm glad they could relate to each other by the end.

And then Madame de Pompadour! Ooh la la. This might be my favorite episode so far. It was just beautiful--funny, tender, lavish, dreamworld-weird, and romantic as a balcony full of rose petals. It encapsulated the Doctor's position perfectly too: in roughly one day, for him, he blazes through Reinette's entire life, their brief encounters sustaining her hopes through all her slowly passing years. What girl wouldn't fall in love with that man hopping out of her bedroom fireplace?

Also, that was one hot snog. I must say. I read Sophia Myles and David Tennant were dating at the time (still are?), so thus the chemistry. She sure is gorgeous. I'm 97% straight, but I'd snog her myself. (Though the Doctor remains my first choice, thank you.)

But jumping through a mirror on a horse into a party of 18th-century revelers: is it me, or was that adapted from an Adam Ant video?
Tags: david tennant, doctor who, tv

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