Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Some Doctor Who Season 2 shallow thoughts

Regarding episodes "The Idiot Lantern" and "The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit"...

"Idiot Lantern"--Doctor with '50s hair! So cute. That's all I have to say, really.

The two-part Satan Planet story chilled me, in the way that good old traditional sci-fi about a tiny band of humans stranded in a horrifying place on the edge of a black hole where the Devil is coming to life in everything around them often can. And what further proof do we need that The Doctor = Courage? Faced with a freaking gigantic Satan Balrog, he simply treats it like any other life form he meets, and reasons with it. (Or at it, anyway.)

Now, regarding this Rose/Doctor sorta-romance they have going on: Clearly he's conflicted about the idea; Me Eternal, You Earthling, etc. He seems to feel comfortable treating her as a student and friend, but gets all awkward (adorably, but painfully) when it comes to the ubercrush she oh-so-clearly has on him.

Therefore, were we really meant to think that when he said before potentially dying, "Tell Rose ...Oh, she knows," that the completed thought was "Tell Rose I love her"? Because, really, I'm not so sure she does know that, especially after the excruciating moment where she tried to suggest settling down with the same mortgage and he averted his eyes and cut her off with "Anyway". Ouch. Guess Doctor = Courage except where possible girlfriends are concerned.

So maybe the completed thought was a more Doctor-ish spiel about going forth and living life and being happy and adventurous. In retrospect that seems likelier.

I should take this moment to add that while I sympathize with Rose and wouldn't mind some continuing romantic angst, I'm not a Doctor/Rose shipper exactly. Maybe this is a subconscious way to shield myself from disappointment, since I already know she leaves after this season (though I don't know how yet). But I think it's also the effect of those awkward moments that make me think the Doctor's hearts aren't entirely in it for whatever reason.

Odd, isn't it, how you can be someone's fangirl/boy without shipping them with anyone, or a shipper of a pair without being a particular fangirl/boy of either person in the pair, or a megafan of an ensemble cast with or without having favorites or serious ships within it? Or maybe I'm just flexible that way. Some people do seem to ship everything they come across, or cannot ship if they don't lust after someone in the pair, or what have you.

Oops, there's me rambling again. Time for bed.
Tags: david tennant, doctor who, fandom, tv

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