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"Aren't you a beautiful boy!"

One thing I love about Doctor Who is the out-of-the-blue moments of comedy, particularly in the form of the Doctor being cluelessly dorky. Two such examples that cracked us up from the episode "Fear Her" (these hardly count as spoilers, just being little moments): 1) his picking up the marmalade jar in someone else's kitchen and dipping his fingers in for a taste, and 2) his responding to the subject line (which, he later realized, was directed at a cat) with, "Thanks! I'm experimenting with backcombing." I'm grinning irrepressibly again in the mere typing of the words.

Which is good, and which I must focus upon, because next comes the two-part season finale of S2, and I know how "Doomsday" ends already (I totally caved and watched the last six minutes without even caring what came before), so now I'm dreading it with a pain rivaled only by my dread of the Grey Havens scene before ROTK came out. And the Grey Havens was almost less poignant because Frodo didn't *have* to leave (he just did to annoy us all), whereas Rose and the Doctor have no choice in how things end up. I shouldn't mind so much. I'm not even a shipper here! But if it hurts him, it hurts me. That, ladies and gents, is precisely how lame I have become.

Uhh, so yeah! Comment if you want to discuss fun moments and smutty fanfic that will make us all feel better. I imagine spoilers will occur, so look out below.


Dec. 8th, 2007 12:38 am (UTC)
Re: I'm always late to the party...
I re-watched the crying scene as well. What hurts me the most is when Rose is leaning against "her Torchwood wall" and he is doing the same in the "real" world. He doesn't cry in that scene, but he manages to break my heart every time I watch it. *points to icon*
Dec. 8th, 2007 10:53 pm (UTC)
Re: I'm always late to the party...
Oh yes, meant to remark upon that icon--something like, "Oh, I know where that's from now; and ow, my heart!" Really the heartbreak does start there, continue on through him walking away slowly alone, and on through the beach.

Had to cobble myself together this icon to remind myself that he gets fun moments with the ladies too. ;) (I like your spying-on-Reinette-in-the-garden one as well.)
Dec. 10th, 2007 02:53 am (UTC)
Re: I'm always late to the party...
That part literally made my heart hurt. I haven't been able to watch that episode again, simply because it took so much out of me, emotionally. I guess I know what to watch when I need a good cry, eh?

*hugs you both*