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Yo's the Face of Boe!

1) Finished watching Doctor Who, season 3. I adore the Master! Evil has seldom been so charismatic and handsome. And though I know the Doctor/Master relationship isn't intended to be slashy, I easily see how it could be interpreted that way, what with the quasi-flirting going on. I hope the ring someone (the wife?) picked up at the end indicates a possible return for him, in any case.

And Jack is the Face of Boe! Hah. Finally, a spoiler I hadn't heard about. That rocks. (Though it does almost feel like the writers said, at the last episode, "Hey, you know what we could do with him? We can make him end up the Face of Boe. Will that contradict anything we already said? Hm, nope. Let's do it!")

Martha gets the gold star for being an awesome companion, and of course I believe that she would love the Doctor, but am I alone in thinking she wouldn't be quite so open about saying so to a bunch of strangers? She seems prouder than that, somehow. Her final speech to him rang true, about "getting out" because he was never going to notice her. That served as the truth finally bursting free, and would have been stronger without her sighing and tacitly or outrightly admitting her crush to people every few episodes along the way.

However, I also think she should have inserted a good and proper final snog before telling him, "I'll see you again, mister," and sauntering out.

The Christmas special--well, I tried to like Kylie Minogue, but couldn't quite. (My husband didn't seem to mind her, though. Like Ten, I think he's soft on blondes.) And the angels were done better in "Blink." Still, new black Converse and a tux; that provided eye candy for me.

2) I would be remiss as a linguist if I didn't link to this story: students in Baltimore (and elsewhere) are using "yo" as a gender-neutral third-person singular pronoun. Examples include "Yo threw a thumbtack at me" and "Yo looks like a freak." In short, these kids have managed to do what no well-meaning politically correct language fashioners have been able to do in centuries. Not sure it will catch on everywhere, but it shows there is hope for that cumbersome he/she/one/they business in the third person singular. I think it's great. Oh, come on, it's fun! No, the language is not collapsing. Languages never collapse. Stop being so stuffy.

3) Farewell, Heath Ledger. I am saddened, as I was only just beginning to appreciate you. Also, I have a two-year-old child myself and it breaks my heart to think of your girl growing up without her daddy. So this better not have been intentional or I'll be really angry with you.

4) I'm off to get braces. I'd be apprehensive about the pain, except that the spacers they put between my molars have already inflicted pain upon all four quadrants my jaw for the past week, rendering the eating of crunchy things impossible. So I feel prepared. And you may call me Titani-M* for the next nine or ten months, or however long it takes my little crossbite to straighten out.

*The brackets and wires are a titanium blend nowadays. Stronger, smoother, smaller, faster, sexier, etc.
Tags: celebrity, doctor who, health, linguistics, tv

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